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This site is dedicated to the collection and reporting of Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie, Sasquatch, and Skunk Ape sightings along with other international sightings from around the world. In the face of increased interest and research by the scientific community, we will be reporting research developments as well as theory.

Others may say they are Sasquatch Watch© but we are the first...the original.

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We welcome artwork, original short stories and articles, whether it's for kids or grown-ups. We will publish them on this site, but only if their theme is about our Sasquatch friends, and if it is family friendly reading material.

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The banner photo above is a slice from a photo we took at Blue Spring State Park on the St. Johns River in Orange City, Florida where we went to see the West Indian Manatees which visit the park waters daily in the colder months. I can imagine Bigfoot just out of sight in the dense foliage of the swamp.

This site was created in 1998. Its success depends on you for its information. We appreciate all who have visited and who take the time to let us know their stories. We appreciate your help in making this a site that will one day be among the best!

We will be focusing on those aspects involving research and theory. We hope we can bring you up to date with the latest in science and research.


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